CCTV Drain survey & radio location in Penge & Anerley

CCTV Drain survey & radio tracing in Penge & Anerley

To carry out a CCTV survey, we have to have access to some point of the pipe where we push down a drain camera. Access is typically via manholes on a property so these must be accessibel to us. Any obstruction such as decking must be removed. Sometimes, access may be on a neighbouring property or via a hole cut into a vertical stack pipe.

CCTV surveys also need to be analysed after the camera surevy is done; thsi takes a trained eye and education - our surveys are analsysed and then reviewed again later before the client is sent the final report

We can also carry out drain radio tracing in SE20 to track pipes underground. It is particulatrly of use if you are buklding a house and need to track the route of pipes to avoid foundations

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As a general rule, unless it is from an account holder, private CCTV surveys must have a deposit paid prior to commencement and the account must be paid in full after the survey is completed by us and when we notify this to you. The report and videos are then made available by sending a weblink to you to view and download.

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SE20 CCTV drain surveys ...

  • Carried out by trained educated personnel.
  • Drain tracing using radio for private, construction and commercial buildings.
  • Survey material supplied online for prompt access.

Places where we offer CCTV Drain Surveys